New York Times Photo

by admin on June 5, 2015

“New York Times photo of Linda’s daughter Mosha (Fashion Director, Footwear News), at London Fashion Week wearing shearling coat designed by Mom Linda”
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I Am A Settler Ally

by admin on April 28, 2015

My mother Olavia Lundstrom, daughter of Margaret and Adelstein Johnson, was one of thirteen children raised in the Interlake area of Manitoba. Adelstein was a child when he came from Iceland, not with his parents, but with relatives. Margaret and her family were already there from a previous group of immigrant homesteaders.

As the first generation of Icelanders born in Canada, mother told me and my two sisters many stories of life in the Interlake. Key among those stories were the ones telling of the relationship with the First Nations indigenous people of the area.

“They were the midwives”, she explained as she described the lack of any other medical options.v

“If it hadn’t been for the Indians, we might not have survived”, as she told of how they taught her family to fish through the ice and trap animals.

It was these stories, told by my mother, that caused me to feel a special kinship and gratitude towards the First Nations people in the Northwestern Ontario community of Red Lake, where we were raised.

It was the reason that I created the Kiishik Fund. Honoraria from my speaking engagements were used to promote respect for and understanding of, First Nations culture, language and traditions in the classrooms and community of Red Lake.

As a result, my own understanding grew. Many of my choices as a designer, were made based on my desire to honour the people upon whose land our people settled. Like deciding to use real fur, despite the threats from anti-fur groups and creating beaded accessories with the Niichikwewak Beaders from the Red Lake area. It was the reason that I collaborated with Native artists, featuring their art motifs on LAPARKA and telling the story of each piece. Sponsoring the Red Lake Trappers’ Festival and developing a taste for moose nose, a delicacy served at the festival feast, along with bannock and beaver stew, was another way to learn about the people about whom mother had spoken.

When asked to contribute a regular article to Falkinn, I knew it wouldn’t just be about fashion, but until now I haven’t shared with you the deepest and most meaningful of topics. I have not expressed to you, the guilt and shame I feel about the many injustices perpetrated upon First Nations and my personal journey to seek forgiveness for the times that I participated in racist acts, or failed to step in when witnessing acts of discrimination.

So today as I write this piece, I am declaring that I am a ‘Settler Ally’ to First Nations people. I support the ‘Idle No More’ movement and the call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. I feel the need to come along side Native peoples and help them to hold their rightful place in this country.

All of this, because of my mother’s stories.


August Creativity – Washi Workshop

July 15, 2013

Back by popular demand – The Japanese Paper Place is hosting this exciting Washi paper workshop with Linda Lundstrom. Read all the details about creating something beautiful for you to wear or for your home and how you can register now to secure your place.

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Trunk Show May 14th 2013

April 24, 2013

Click image to see details for this May 14th event TUESDAY MAY 14TH An Evening of FASHION, BEAUTY & WINE 7-9PM 187 King St. S. Unit 202 Waterloo , Ontario For ticket information please contact 5 1 9 . 7 7 2 . 07 9 0

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Trunk Show

April 24, 2013

Click for more details about this May 14th event

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Faith Today Article

January 22, 2013

This interview in “Faith Today” was done last summer and recently published…an important part of Linda Lundstrom’s story.

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“Inside Toronto” Interview

January 9, 2013

Interview by Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski How does a renowned designer, with an Order of Ontario and three honourary PhDs under her belt, return to the fashion world after a three-year hiatus with L designed by Linda Lundstrom? Canadian-born Linda Lundström tells me about finding inspiration in her daughters, her commitment to using sustainable materials and how […]

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An Enchanted Evening with Linda Lundstrom

December 5, 2012

Author Elizabeth Kubler-Ross said “There are no mistakes, no coincidences. all events are blessings given to us to learn from.” When one considers the circumstances that brought Kelly Mayville, her fiancée Gary Wood and Canadian Fashion Designer Linda Lundstrom together, Kubler-Ross’s statement is profoundly accurate. Linda Lundstrom and her husband reside in the Caledon Hills. […]

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Aleyah Solomon, FAJOmagazine Comments on L designed by Linda Lundstrom

December 2, 2012

With her return to fashion, Linda Lundström launches a new line L designed by Linda Lundström. This new collection features leather and fur accessories and vests in a wide range of styles. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind design. Exclusively online, the collection showcases the raw edges and textures of the material, working with the fabric […]

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Finding My Tribe

November 28, 2012

In a previous blog I was looking for my tribe. The people who would connect with my designer fashions without the need to explain, convince or sell. I am not good at selling, never have been. What I love to do is see the reaction of women and men who are immediately attracted to my […]

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