Are You Ready For Lean?

You are responsible for getting work done, on time, on budget, using your existing resources. You are feeling the pressure of delivering a product or service in a shorter amount of time than ever before. You have heard or read about Lean Manufacturing or Lean Processes.

You may be skeptical.

You’re not sure it’s the way to go but you know you must do something…soon. You would like to start by talking with someone who has actually done it. Linda Lundstrom has done it, successfully converting her company to Lean Manufacturing in 2001. She will prepare you for the journey to Lean and help mobilize your team to embrace the process.

LEAN PROCESS implementation means departing from traditional ‘batch’ systems of production. This means giving up ‘Economies Of Scale’ in favour of ‘Single Unit Production’ and breaking down barriers to communication by empowering those who do the work to take action to make improvements.

Management must reframe their role from supervising to supporting the people doing the work. Some are unable to make the transition and will become fearful of losing their authority. They may even try to sabotage the process.

Scorecards will communicate clearly to everyone, every day, exactly how the team is performing in the achievement of productivity targets.

Product throughput times are slashed, work-in-process inventory is drastically reduced, quality standards are improved.

Things may get worse before they get better, but when the change happens it is exhilarating. There is a ripple effect throughout the entire organization that engages people and heightens their commitment to the success of the organization. There is no turning back.

Leading this process requires commitment and a pioneering leader must be chosen within the organization. This Lean Champion must be determined to overcome the obstacles to build a Totally Connected Lean Enterprise ™.