Fashion End to End

The process of completing a Fashion Collection takes a combination of creativity and technical expertise.

It takes leg work and luck, discipline and a commitment to meeting the needs of customers in ways that they did not imagine.

In the end, the process is transformative. Fabric becomes fashion, ideas become realities and the collaborative efforts of a team of people with a shared vision are born.

Linda Lundström knows this journey well, creating over a hundred collections in her career. See her profile here.

Today, Linda offers her extensive experience to companies who seek her input.

Design/Product Development services include the creation of Vision Boards for colour, fabric and style direction, sourcing fabrics from global suppliers, working with pattern-makers to achieve the nuances of each design, as well as merchandising concepts at point of sale.

Business consulting services zero in on client needs. From understanding fabric and garment supply chains, to costing/pricing strategies and mark-up structures, Linda familiarizes clients with the language of the Apparel Industry, with a focus on making their business financially viable.

For companies in the manufacturing of apparel, Lean Manufacturing Workshops are available to assist in the understanding and implementation of this dynamic approach to clothing production.